Activity Monitoring

Objective monitoring of daily activity using Physilog® sensors

Measure real life behavior with intuitive barcode and activity metrics to open new areas of science, prevention and rehabilitation.

  • Interactive Barcode Visualization

    Patented Barcode integrates unique information about the type, intensity, duration and sequence of activity to understand real life behavior.

  • Easy-to-use

    Complexity, a measure of movement entropy, simplifies daily activity into a single number which can be monitored over time.

  • Sensor location

    Ask about our solutions for trunk, belt, thigh, foot, wrist and bicep.
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  • Auto-calibrates every test

    Automatic start and stop recording, with possibility to synchronize to your base station.

  • “We measure 10 to 12 patients per day with Gait Up reliable measures, to identify who is at risk of falling.”

    Prof Büla, Head of Geriatrics, CHUV

  • Posture and activities identification from long-term data
  • Pre/post treatment evaluation in home environment
  • Objective healthy status and sedentary behavior quantification
  • Provide feedback to the patient
  • Various configurations possible with one or more Physilog®
  • Physical Activity Desktop Software (coming soon)
  • Contact us to learn about consumer wrist wearables using the embedded version of our algorithm.
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