Digital Motion Assessment technologies (DMA)

At MindMaze Assessments, we leverage our expertise in Motion Analytics to deliver patient-centric Digital Motion Assessment technologies (DMA) at the point of need. We are addressing the challenge of integrating DMA across the continuum-of-care for patients with mobility disorders, thus enabling a new generation of gait biomarkers and digital endpoints to assess human motion at scale.

Across a wide range of markets

The versatility of our motion analysis technology makes it suitable to support three distinct fields: academic research, clinical investigations and sports science projects.


Academic Research


Clinical Investigations


Sports Science

Full-stack solution

Our proprietary full-stack Physilog® platform delivers powerful 3D motion analytics to capture, measure, and analyse a new-generation of digital biomarkers. It combines sixth-generation wearable motion sensors (aptly named Physilog® 6, or P6) with powerful biomechanical fusion algorithms and a modular suite of protocolised clinical tests.


About us

Since our founding in 2013, our Physilog® platform has earned the trust of a global life science and academic research community in over 30 countries, using our solutions to assess 10'000+ subjects and being referenced in 500+ publications.






Motion Biomarkers

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